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Capturing location several times in Survey123 form

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10-28-2019 08:29 AM
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Tina JinJames Tedrick

Could you please help me figure out what is the best way to capture location when the form is first created and then submitted?

I found several approaches in geonet:


1) Repeats

2) Multiple geopoints set as null

3) Pictures when they start the survey and then right before submitting

For myself I chose the second approach, but it doesn't work as expected. Please check out my xslx form attached.

Thank you,


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@RobertGeitner did you ever get you form to do what you were desiring? I have a situation where we do inspections on a system that could really benefit from having 2+ locations that could be marked because the different locations hold different components of the same single system but could be upwards of miles apart from one another. In the future we'd want an inspector to know that there are multiple locations that they'd have to go to in order to adequately and thoroughly complete the inspection. It appears you know of a way to collect multiple location points but can those differing points be related to the single system?

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