Can you import Survey123 Questions into ArcMap?

07-15-2020 02:06 PM
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I was wondering if it was possible to export questions I created in a Survey123 forum as a feature layer and bring it into ArcMap? My reason for asking is I can't find a repeat function in ArcMap when creating Annotative Fields in my Feature Class. I would like the end-user to have the ability to select an add option which would generate questions I have already created in the domain of my feature class and be able to add this as many times as necessary. 

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Hello Whitney Covill

You can directly pull in your Feature Service in ArcMap using this workflow: Adding data from ArcGIS Online—Help | Documentation.

When you publish your Survey123 Survey, assuming you are not using an existing feature service, your survey will automatically publish up a Hosted Feature Service to either ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise Portal. 

When it publishes a folder is created in your content that contains the Form Item, Feature Service (and views as necessary), and maybe a Web Map if you published from Survey123 Connect. 

As long as the settings on the Hosted Feature Service are set to "Allow others to export to different formats", you can export the data as a File Geodatabase. You can then connect to the File Geodatabase and see how ArcGIS Survey123 built the Schema, and you can model your schema that way. 

Another way is in ArcGIS Survey123 Connect if you select your survey and hit "Schema Preview" you will see how everything in the resulting Feature Service is created: 

Assuming when you mention the repeat function in ArcMap you are talking about Survey123 Repeats, repeats in ArcGIS Survey123 are either related tables or related feature classes depending if there is a geometry question present in the repeat or not. 

Please use this link for reference regarding Repeats in ArcGIS Survey123: 

Here is a handy resource regarding relationship classes in ArcGIS: 

If you are expecting your end user to be editing in ArcMap they can add content to the related records using the following workflow: Editing the attributes of related features—ArcGIS Help | Documentation 

If you are expecting your end user to be editing in ArcGIS Survey123 accessing a survey you can publish your data and create the survey based on an existing Feature Service

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