Can you format select one choices as clickable pictures?

02-24-2023 10:59 AM
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My organization has a general-public-facing survey that helps residents assess their home water softeners. I got some feedback that it could be easier for users who are unfamiliar with these appliances to click on pictures that most resemble their softener to help determine what kind it is, rather than selecting the brand/model from dropdown lists, which can be hard for a layperson to identify. Is it possible to format select_one choices as pictures that users could click? For example, the question would be labeled "Click the picture that looks most like your water softener," and their answer would lead to conditional logic based on the image they clicked. If this is possible, let me know!

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Check out the "Media" sample template in Survey123 Connect. It shows you how to set up images for the choices that looks like this (see below). FYI you can click on the image to enlarge it in the survey interface.




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