Unable to customise i18n file

02-24-2023 10:54 AM
New Contributor

Hi everyone,

My employer uses ArcGIS Survey123, which is hosted locally on a Windows server. I am trying to modify the i18n file in order to change the label for the image upload button. I have looked at the survey webpage and found the link where the translation file is served: https://<portal_url>:5443/share/version/v3.13/assets/locales/translation/ar-v3.13.287.json. I then made changes to this file on the Windows machine located at C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Survey123website\client\share\version\v3.13\assets\locales\translation\ar-v3.13.287.json. However, the server is still serving the old version of the file. Could you advise me on what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you.

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