Can Not Edit Sent Survey in Survey123 App

04-12-2022 06:47 AM
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A weird issue (never seen before) has recently come up with a client of ours.  The Edit and resend option is no longer available.  I've suggested about everything i know....we've tried "fix database", "reinitialize database", deleted and reinstalling the app, etc, etc....nothing works.  The interesting item I was provided her login credentials and I was able to create a survey and then later WAS able to edit and resend it....Nothing has changed recently with the group setting, the sharing, the Feature service or form....the only thing that has been recent is the significant ArcGIS Online update.  Below is a screenshot....What would cause the option to just disappear on her device.  So weird! Maybe i've overlooked something....Any feedback is appreciated. 







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Hello @CN

If the survey was published from Connect 3.14 this is expected. With 3.14 we've made some changes to feature services published from Connect to provide the most security on the service. Once of these changes is disabling editing of sent surveys by default. 

To reenable editing sent surveys you'll need to go to the Options tab in Connect and enable edit for Sent surveys and republish the form. After that you will also need to go to the Survey123 website and on the Collaborate tab under What can submitters do, select "Add and update records". 

Please see this link for more information:

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