Can I embed a survey into Portal and share only to groups?

05-05-2020 09:11 AM
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I see that Survey 123 documentation states that to embed a survey, it must be shared to Everyone. Does this pertain to my organization's Portal as well? I'd like to embed surveys into Portal sites for our field workers, but also have them restricted to just those groups.


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Hi Greg,

Embedding surveys is primarily designed around web forms, not the field app.  Embedding is also designed for use in other websites where users aren't required to login, hence support only for forms shared to everyone.  

That being said, you could manually create iframes for embedding (or temporarily share the form to everyone to get the iframe code and then restrict sharing), given that you are planning to embed within sites they would need to log in to. 

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Thanks James. I think I’m getting a better handle on this.

I have a survey ready for field apps. What I’m looking for is embedding the results in a map within our organization’s Portal, if that makes sense. I may have been mislead by the Survey123 example on the default Portal example site. Or maybe just me.

Learning both Portal and Survey123 at the same time, so conflating errors certainly possible


Greg Keith

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