Calculation not working in Survey123

02-25-2020 02:10 AM
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I have a multiplication calculation multiplying the answers to three select_one questions together. I (think!) I have set the bind::types right to make sure everything is treated as an integer. I get a number out of the calculation but it is orders of magnitudes off. For example it is calculating 2 x 20 x 10 as 13968240. Not sure how to fix it. I've tried doing the calculation under the calculate 'type' and as an interger 'type'. Relevant rows are highlighted. 

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Try setting the bind::type field for the 3 fields going into the calculation not just the answer field.  I see you use the bind::esri one here instead.  Try to set all of them in bind::type to int.

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castle head, using a calculator 222*242*260 equals number you gave, the calculations are done on the name column of your select_one list not the label. I end up giving the name and the title columns the same value so the forms display correctly and the math works out as expected

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