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07-09-2020 08:10 AM
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Hi. We have 2 forms, one for truck load description at loading site, and a second form at disposal site. Date and time are automatically captured in both. Is it possible to calculate travel time by having a calculated field in the destination form which would search the matching record in the loading site form to calculate time difference

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No you cannot look across forms on the device.  If you will be online then some people have been using javascript pulls against the hosted feature service.  I have never tried as I am always offline.

You could do it in the web map using Arcade however, which I think is a better approach.  This will not work in Collector yet as FeatureSet is not yet working for lookups - but it should be this year.

Another option is to launch from Collector and push the pickup form date to the disposal form.  You could also add a URL to the first form that opens the second form and pushes the date and time.  (You could open from Outbox or Sent box)

Hope that helps.

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