Tiny URL Gone for Open in Field App

07-08-2020 04:21 PM
New Contributor III

In the last two weeks (I think), did the Tiny URL option for the Open in Field App option disappear?

The options for 'browser' or 'ask' options still show Tiny URLs like:


But 'open in field app' gives you:


Any reason why or am I the only one seeing this?

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Esri Contributor

Hi Braden,

Not across this historically but it looks like it is working as expected. If we click 'learn more about this option' the URL matches the expected composition.

Having 'arcgis-survey123://' instead of https:// will prompt the Survey123 field application to launch, instead of the browser. Perhaps a change was made so that the shortened URL didn't launch a browser page/tab, then open the app once the URL was redirected to the one beginning with arcgis-survey123://. Can't see anything to indicate this in the recent changelogs.

Are you experiencing any issues with the revised URL?


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The revised URL is working, but is not user friendly for folks to type in to their devices to download a survey. Most of my users are initially accessing my surveys from that link, and the Tiny URL format was very helpful even though it did route the user through a browser.

If this is a permanent change, I will probably just send my users the Tiny URL from the 'ask' option from here on out.