Blank values in relevant fields when viewing/editing sent surveys

03-29-2022 12:38 PM
by Anonymous User
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My survey has multiple questions that display only if a previous question has a specific answer (have a condition set in the Relevant field in the xlsx table).  New survey forms work as expected, a user can enter a value in the relevant question and send the survey successfully and the data looks as expected on AGOL.

However, if the user then views or edits the sent survey in the survey123 app, the answers to the relevant questions are all blank (do not save the submitted answers) and the user has to re-fill out all relevant questions.  This is happening for all relevant questions in the survey which are various field types (select one, select multiple, text, and decimal types).

Any thoughts or insights?

I am creating the survey in ArcGIS Survey123 Connect and it is linked to a feature class on AGOL.

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I was having a similar issue! Try moving your relevancies into the body::esri:visible column instead of the relevant column

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We're having the same problem. Is there an official solution to this issue?

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