Set geopoint location from scanned drivers license barcode.

07-13-2022 05:44 AM
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Hello I work for a local mosquito control.  One of the things we do is collect old scrap tires from our residents.  In the past we have written down their information but I want to update things.

What I would like to do is be able to scan the bar code on the back of their drivers license to get their info and where the location the tires are coming from.  I already have survey designed in connect where I am using pull data to successfully get their address info.  I have played with using a java script I found in another help topic to pull in the address info and that is working.  Where I am running into an issue is I would like for the geopoint to move the point based off the address field without having to reenter the address into the geopoint question.  Does any one have any suggestions?

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@durus5995 I do not know if this would work but, you could try to use pulldata on another row to reference the address that is populated from the java script scan.

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