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Use the Search appearance to only return Inspection ID's that do not match existing

07-13-2022 07:50 AM
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In search of a creative solution!

I have a Fire Marshal inspection workflow that uses two Surveys. 

The first survey is used when a call comes in to request an inspection. The Office Manager puts the address into the "Assignment" Survey, which assigns a Fire Marshal based on a spatial query and sends an invite via a webhook to the Fire Marshal for the date and time of the inspection. It also creates a unique Inspection ID for this inspection.

Second survey is the actual inspection survey. The Fire Marshal can select the Inspection ID from a dropdown, which then uses a javascript function to prepopulate contact information etc that was submitted in the first survey. Then they continue their inspection, and on submittal (also via a webhook) the contact and the fire marshal receive a pdf inspection report.

The Problem: I would like the Inspection ID's in the second survey (populated through a search function) to ONLY return inspection ID's from the first survey that have NOT been submitted in the second survey. This would somehow involve (I think) a filter on the Search function that returns only ID's that are NOT found in the feature layer of the second survey. But I'm stuck there, and very hopeful someone in this community can help me out! 

Thank you!!



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