Autopopulating Answers from Geopoint - Unable to Reverse Geocode

06-17-2022 08:03 AM
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I'm trying to do what should be very simple - reverse geocode address and city info based on the location from a Map question. I've tried setting it up in the web designer and in the XLSForm, but no luck. If I ask it to return latitude or longitude, those come through just fine. My best guess is that I don't have the correct geocode service selected. I've tried making sure I have the World Geocoder selected, but that doesn't seem to work. I'm assuming there's somthing simple that I'm missing.

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Hello @JCGuarneri

Please check out our Geocode and Reverse Geocode sample available in Survey123 Connect for reference: 


Please also check out this Esri Community blog for more information on the workflow. 

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