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04-02-2023 03:53 PM
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Hi everyone,

I am creating a survey in Survey123 Connect, One of my questions in my survey "Name of School" is a dropdown list of school names from a column field called "Names" from a csv. file in the media folder called "SchoolNames". 


I have following question in the survey called "District Name" if you can see the screenshot above the csv file in my media folder also has a column field called District, basically the name of the districts the schools are in.

 I want to configure the survey so that when you select a school it automatically populates the school's associated district.

How do I do that?

and can it only be done in a text type question or it can also be done in a select_one choice type question as well?

I also attached my media csv file and the survey XLS form if that provides better context.



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