Autopopulate/Pull data from a separate layer into Survey123

04-22-2021 08:06 AM
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I'm trying to autopopulate or pull data from fields in a parcel layer into the Point feature layer my Survey is saving into. For some reason this worked fine in my head, until I realized that using the URL pass-throughs are only meant for the same layer the survey is published off. The data is on Enterprise, the survey is using a pre-published feature layer based on a schema, but is empty of data so far.

So my envisioned workflow was:

Field Maps - choose a spot on a parcel, place a point feature there. Use the label of the new Point to open Survey123 and send attributes associated with the parcel underneath that Point to my Survey123 via URL passthrough.

Problems/Other options and why they don't work

  • I could geocode the point to get the address but I need to grab other information in the parcel table also. 
  • I could see reversing the workflow, starting in Survey123, opening the survey, going to Field Maps, then back to the survey, but I'm not sure how to pass attributes between the layers in Field Maps either.
  • Related table isn't an option as 1) the points don't exist yet and 2) not all of the surveyed Points will have an associated parcel, some will have two Points on one parcel, some of the parcels are duplicates with the same APN but different other information to seed the Point with. I'm not sure how I would set up the related table when the points don't exist yet.

I've seen this issue referenced over and over, but no solution (at least not that I could understand.) Some mentions of javascript and pulldata, some mentions of using Arcade (but the examples didn't use separate layers)



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You can use the FeatureSet functions in Arcade to lookup to any layer in the map you want.

I do this all the time

Panel {expression/expr12}
var sql = "PlotID = '" + $feature.PlotID + "'";
var tbl = Filter(FeatureSetByName($map,"Plots", ['*'], false), sql);
return First(tbl).Panel

Not sure I get all your post but I hope this helps.

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Hello DougBrowning,

could you please explain this in a little more detail? Where and how do I do this? I am just starting out with Survey123 Connect and I am not sure where to apply the above expression! 



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