External data - what to use for select_one questions to present unique options?

03-28-2022 09:58 AM
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Hello All,
I am trying to do multiple "select_one" functions based on external data. I am using the search() function to create this form.
The selection should be: first "Maint_Plan"
Based on the last one, select the "Task_List_Oper_Functional_Location"
And last, the "EQ_Tech_ID".

I was able to get it done. However, the values in my list are not unique. For instance, the "Maint_Plan" option DISREG-00886 repeats itself 17 times in my external list. Therefore, it appears in my select_one list 17 times as well. How can I make sure it shows only once?
I tried to use "Choice_Filter", however, I would need to select the EQ_Tech_ID" first and that's not the sequence I would like to see in this form.

Here is an example of the external data file:


Here is how the survey shows it:


I appreciate any ideas and help!

Thank you in advance,





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