Automatic transfer of attribute to Survey123 from Collector not working

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10-17-2016 01:18 PM
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I have developed a hydrant map with popups that contain a hyperlink to a form built within Survey123.  Utilizing the recent post by Ismael ChiviteUnderstanding Survey123's custom URL Scheme I have been able to transfer each hydrant's unique id (facilityID).  Using Collector and Survey123 on my desktop the workflow works perfectly.  Yet, when I try the same process on my iPhone or iPad I only get ${facilityID} transposed into the form and not the unique id.

Please help. I have included some screen shots showing the workflow from my Mac.  The copied hydrant form URL is: 

Popup Configure screen Popup Hyperlink configure

Popup Screen (Title shows Survey123 screenshot from Mac showing

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Ok, I found the glitch... I had two feature services with different names showing within 'My Content' and the correct subfolder.  Yet, once these maps were viewed in 'Map Viewer', the underlying maps had the exact same name "Hydrant Maintenance".  Which confused the URL Scheme going from Collector to Survey123 only on smartphones and tablets, not desktops for some reason.

I thank you both for your assistance Ismael Chivite and James Tedrick.  Still learning and achieving minor victories!!

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