Auto-fill a line in survey 123 using geopoint and shapefile

06-27-2019 09:34 AM
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I have been looking around and have found round about answers to my question, but I'm not sure if it is feasible to accomplish what I am looking for. I wish to add several lines in code that will pull data from a shapefile and auto populate a line in survey 123.


For example when a geopoint is taken I would like the app to pull a soils layer and tell me the soils polygon I am in.


Is this possible in Survey 123.

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Hi Coy,

This is absolutely possible in Survey123 using a custom JavaScript function. I've attached a step-by-step example taken from our Early Adopter Community and encourage you to join (if you haven't already) to check out other great samples and get ideas of what is possible. The example is performing a point in polygon query against a ArcGIS feature layer containing USA Zip codes. It returns your zip code based on your current, or chosen location. You could modify the function to query your soils layer and return any associated information to Survey123.

Hope this helps,


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The attached ZIPCode example only works online, is there a way to do a point in polygon query for offline use?

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