Auto Calculation works in Connect and the Survey123 App but not in the Web Broswer version of the form

04-23-2021 05:53 AM
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I have a form that is set up to track hours worked on specific projects.  There are two questions asking for time, one asking for a sign-in time, one asking for a sign-out time. Both are formatted as a dateTime.  I have a follow-up question that is read-only and has a calculation attached to it to display the total hours worked between sign-in and sign-out minus 30 minutes for lunch.  The calculation for that field is:

(decimal-time(${time_out}) - decimal-time(${time_in})) * 24-.5

This calculation works flawlessly in both Survery123 Connect and the ArcGIS Survey123 app however if I were to open the survey in a web browser, the hours worked question does not populate.  I have a few other areas in my form that have calculations to auto-populate responses and those work fine in both the web version as well as both app versions but no other calculations that handle time specifically.

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Hi @EOCSupport,

What version of Connect was the survey published with? Can you please provide a copy of your xlsx file so we can take a closer look and invesitgate further what causes the calculation to not update?



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