Auto calculate First and Last name in Survey123 Connect

07-20-2022 08:00 AM
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I am trying to use the following formulas to auto-populate two text fields, First and Last name, for the user accessing a survey. 

pulldata("@property", 'userFirstName')
pulldata("@property", 'userLastName')

The doc here is where I pulled the formula. I can pull the email and username but not the first and last name. Survey123 Connect returns Unknown instead of the first and last name. 


What formula do I use to pull the first and last name through Survey123 Connect?

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Which version of Connect are you using? You may need to update to the latest version. I had a similar issue and updating resolved it.

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Possibly this from the documentation you cited?

¹ These parameters are dependent on what is present in the identity provider's configuration and may not be available in organizations that use authentication other than built-in authentication.

Also, have you tried 'userFullName'?