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Asset and Inspection informtion set-up for Survey123- Need a How-To Guide

03-22-2023 09:44 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I really need some guidance! I want to create a Survey123 form where field staff can go out and collect data on a particular site, adding surveys as work on the sites progress so that people back in the office can click on the site in a dashboard or web map and get a history of work being done at site. 

I started out creating a survey in Survey123 Connect, but later realized that to get what I need, I should have creating a point feature class in ArcPro, with the tables I need- publishing the map so I have a Feature Layer with point and tables, THEN creating the survey123 form from the feature class in Connect. 

I'm watching YouTube videos and looking at blogs to learn how to do this from beginning to end, but I'm just getting more confused.

This is what I have:

Create a point layer and tables in ArcPro

Create a Relationship Class (this connects the point layer and table?)

Add an Attribute Index (no idea why I need this)

Publish the map (not sure if it needs to be hosted or not)

Open Survey123 Connect and find Feature Class- and turn into survey (but the "Apply EditWithGlobalID" error message keeps coming up)

Then I guess, fix up the survey, and publish.

Then field staff can submit surveys... maybe.  🙂

Any guidance would be GREAT!  I know there must be a How-To guide that I'm just not finding.




What needs to happen in ArcPro? somthing about creating a relationship class and then "add attribute index"?  Is there a how-to document or a video that goes through this process? Am I even doing this the correct way?




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Thanks Doug, I needed a few more instructions though- I did find these videos that were VERY helpful.  Although, I need to share my survey with contractors who don't have AGOL accounts- so I'm trying to have the survey as a link in the pop-up of a web map.  I'm getting an error when I click on the survey link in my phone. Ugh. so close.