Calculations are giving inconsistent answers

03-30-2023 06:57 AM
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I recently deployed a survey for our water monitoring program, and our calculation for stream flow gives inconsistent results. Sometimes, it's right on the money of the Excel calculation it is emulating. Other times, it's off by 2 or 3 cubic feet/second. Is this a problem for anyone else?

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Hello @WDivine

Would you be able to provide your XLSForm for testing on our end? A few additional questions are: 

- Are you using the web app or the field app to collect data? 

- Are the same inputs giving inconsistent outputs or are different combinations of inputs sometimes correct and sometimes incorrect? 

Thank you,
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Hi @ZacharySutherby ,

I've attached the XLSForm for you! For context, the issue is with the CFS calculations in the form. To access this is connect, you'll need to check "Discharge measured?" as "Yes".

We're all using the field app to collect data.

It seems to be inconsistent, even with the same inputs. I've noted variation between the surveyed results and the results from the Connect version on desktop and my own outputs from my work phone.

Thank you so much!

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