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04-03-2023 06:07 AM
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Hi everybody!

First, I want to give a big shoutout to this communtity as it helped me so much in the last weeks. I did not know about Survey123 two weeks ago and now I have a rather complex survey (at least for me) online that is fully integrated with existing features in FieldMaps and doing 98% of what I was asking for!

However, I have one last thing I want to accomplish in my survey, that I have not read about or seen somewhere so far.

I want to attach a file (image file or PDF does not matter), but after selecting the file I want to edit it inside Survey123 on my field device before submitting the survey.

To make things a little more comprehensible, let me explain the background:

We are inspecting protective structures and I have a feature service with the existing assets. From FieldMaps Survey123 is launched, the survey is prepolulated from fields like AssetID etc., damages of the structure are filled into the survey, images attached, etc. All fine and working perfectly!

Now: As last step we need to mark the damages on a blank sketch of the structure. So I want to load the relevant image file (or whatever) with the blank sketch and then edit this image within Survey123 (i.e. circling the part of the structure with a damage), save the edit and submit the survey. For the next asset I need the same blank sketch again, but without the edits of the previous asset of course. I hope this is at least somewhat understandable. Is it possible, what I am trying to achieve?

Final enhancement would be if the correct file would be automatically loaded or preselected. For different asset types there is different sketches that are also depending on their length (structure of type A can have 1 field, 2 fields, and so on). Both attributes are part of the survey, so if these attributes are linked to the files available it could thoretically be possible to autoselect the correct file, but I don't know if this is possible within Survey123? It would really be a top-of-the-notch extra!

Please feel free to aks or check back to me if something is not understood, I am not a native speaker...

And thanks again for this community!

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OMG, this looks fantastic! I will try this later this week and mark this as solved, as soon as I am done with it.

And Doug, very special thanks to you personally. Honestly, at least 80% of what I implemented on my survey is based on your comments in this community 😁 Especially, the connection to FieldMaps. Your workflow is working so well!