ArcGIS Survey123-Public Survey Attachment Problem

11-05-2020 12:16 AM
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Hello everyone,

My organization uses ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8, which can be accessed through internet with web adaptor in dmz. We have lots of public surveys, most of which has attachment questions. In order to keep those layers secure, we made some settings but we realized a problem that if featue layer behind the survey does not have update capability, then attachment are not written to feature layer. As a security settings, we created a fieldworker layer and opened only editing capability, then changed submission url from Survey123 connect. Whenever update capability is not turned on, the problem occurs. We also have ArcGIS Online account, I tried the same process there, and It seems to work okay. 

 What might cause the problem? 

Thank you so much.

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I also have a similar problem. What I realize is, whenever the submitter is not logged in, then the attachments of the submitted survey will not be saved. If I log in, fill up the publicly shared survey & submit it, then the file that I attached to the survey does get saved into the hosted feature layer.

FYI, my organization also is using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8. What puzzles me is, that the hosting ArcGIS Server doesn't log any errors after a survey from an anonymous (not logged in) submitter has been submitted. So, I'd like to ask ESRI, what's wrong?

Has the problem been fixed in version 10.8.1 or 10.9? If it has, maybe we need to upgrade our platforms?

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Hello map loverFaris Rassoulli Rizal Wong‌, 

This seems to be related to BUG-000126974 which should be resolved when ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 is released. 

Please use this GeoNet post for reference: 

Thank you, 


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