Appending existing non-Survey123 data with photo attachments into new Survey123 survey

12-15-2021 10:55 AM
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I have existing survey data with photo attachments that was originally created using FileMaker. We are now migrating to Survey123 and I need to import/append the existing survey data into the new Survey123 survey so field crew members can access the previous data and make edits in the field as needed. Because I have hundreds of records, I'm hoping to use a batch process to add the previous records to the new database.

First I created a Survey 123 survey using ArcGIS Survey123 Connect called Water Temperature App V1 which contains the same field names and data types as the previous FileMaker database.

Next I created a file geodatabase from the existing FileMaker dataset and attached the photos using the Add Attachments tool in ArcGIS Pro. I ensured that maintain attachments was selected in Environments. The existing dataset had a photo filename field that I used as a match field to attach the photos. I then zipped the file geodatabase for import into ArcGIS Online.

Next I opened ArcGIS Online, clicked on Content, clicked on the hosted Feature Layer that I wanted to append the existing data to (i.e., Water Temperature App V1) , clicked on Update Data, and then Append Data to Layer. I then navigated to the file geodatabase that I had created in the previous step and clicked on Upload and Continue.

The process worked fine except the photo attachments weren't recognized and didn't show up when I viewed the data. I've read through similar posts on this website and I still can't figure it out. It's not clear how to create a file geodatabase with attachments from non-Survey123 data that will import and append correctly.

I'm using ArcGIS Pro 2.8.3

ArcGIS Survey123 Connect Version 3.13.249

and ArcGIS Survey123 Version 3.13.244 mobile app for iOS

Thanks for your time and help.



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