Annotate with map method - center on previous geopoint question

02-13-2021 08:48 AM
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When using method=map and annotate, is it possible for the map that opens to automatically center and be at the same map scale as a previous answered geopoint question?

The use case being a geopoint is created. In a later question that map location can be annotated without first needing to manually move the map and set the map scale to the correct location.


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@MikeOnzay Just wondering if you have any update on this functionality request? I'm trying to accomplish the same thing you describe.

Current S123 form workflow: A user types in an address in a geocode question which centers the following geopoint question on the XY of that address. Later in the form the user needs to open an annotate question so they can draw on the a visual of the geopoint map (using the same linked basemap as geopoint question). The last part of the workflow I need is the annotate map also centering on the address entered like the geopoint.

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