Map data missing from stakeholder layer

11-11-2022 12:12 PM
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Hi everyone, I'm hoping there is an easy fix to my Survey/Dashboard conundrum.  I always create a 'welcome to GIS 101 class' simple survey in Survey123 and then later display the results in Dashboard.  However, this time something happened where the map point data from the respondents has disappeared from the stakeholder version of the survey, and so is of course not coming through to the web map or the Dashboard, along with any of the other regular question data.

Here are some snips - 

Showing that indeed, there are points from the survey when I view from within the Survey123 app:



Showing that the web map pulling from this stakeholder layer is empty (same result as when I open stakeholder layer in AGOL):



And the Dashboard also empty:



This is all puzzling, because the Dashboard was working when I set it up (after some results were already submitted).  Also, earlier, one student alerted me that she could only see her own results in Dashboard, so I changed the setting in the Survey123 app on the Sharing Results tab to allow for students to see all results (snip is from original setting), but I don't see a change in the above, bigger, problem:


Ideas on what I should do to fix the stakeholder version of the survey, and hence the webmap+Dashboard or should I just start over and make a new webmap and Dashboard?




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