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Allow geometry from two questions if inside a rule

01-20-2022 12:23 AM
Occasional Contributor III

I would like to survey user to decide at the beginning of the survey whether they want to:

1. Type in an address, which will then display in the map

2. Choose a location, which will then calculate the nearest address

3. Use an attached GPS to determine the location.



This way, if there is no GPS device attached or the GPS is not working or erroneous, you can pick another way to pinpoint your location. I made it a rule that depending on your choice you will see the subsequent questions:


However, the survey doesn't understand that there will never be two maps indicating the location because of the rules and forces me to choose one that submits the geometry. 

Is there a way around that?


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Occasional Contributor III

In fact, it turned out the rules won't work at all if one question inside them are supposed to submit the geometry?

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