Add signature from survey to power automate template

05-01-2023 03:37 PM
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Good evening,

I have created a word template on one drive to use with power automate to get information from a survey.

One of the items I need is the signature on the template from the signature collected with the survey.

I cant see to find a way to enter the signature on the template and not as an attachment.

Has anyone been able to complete this task?



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Esri Notable Contributor

I am not sure I completely follow your question here. It seems like you have a signature question in a Survey123 form and you want to create a report in PDF format that includes the signatures collected.

The Survey123 report syntax to include a signature in your PDF output would look something like this:

${my_signature_question | size:400:0}

The above would take the signature in the question named my_signature_question and represent it as an image of 400 pixels in width.

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