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09-14-2022 10:11 AM
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I'm trying to add a simple graphic of a map to one of my survey123 questions. I see there's an option under the "File" group for an "image" question, but that appears to be geared toward survey participants uploading the image for their answer. I just want to add my own images to supplement and illustrate locations that we're asking questions about. I know a webmap might also be an option, but I already have the jpegs/pngs that I'd like to use, so it'd be nice if there's a way to simply upload those to accompany certain questions. 


Thank you

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Add the photo to the media folder then you can name it in the media::image column for a question and you can do it on the lists as well.   

Species list with images 2.gif

If the image is large what I do is wrap it in a group - it is out of the way until the user needs it.

Images drop down.gif

 Hope that helps

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Do you want the same jpg for ALL surveys? If so, then this would work for you.

Add your jpg to the media folder; the jpg name should not have spaces.




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This video by Ismael Chivite.shows how it. Just add images to your media folder and then name the images in your xls.

In the video, fast forwsed to about 1 hour and 5 min into the video. Best of luck!

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