Use Webmap Bookmarks in Survey123

02-23-2022 12:53 AM
Status: Open
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Make web map bookmarks available in Survey123. Instead of unnecessarily creating multiple basemaps a simple web map bookmark would suffice and would be a great time saver.

Additionally, if the bookmark could be applied from a Survey123 form question this would help the survey user too.

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Yes, please!

AND they also need to download for offline use.


I wholeheartedly agree. Many users of Survey 123 forms ask for this. It would be very helpful to allow bookmarks for maps in Survey123.

It would also be very useful for location questions (geoshape, geopoint, geotrace) within repeats to zoom to the extent of a previously drawn shape. For example, if a survey had the user enter a project location using a geoshape question, and then the survey had the user draw within a repeat the locations of things within the project area (such as the locations of structures that will be built within the project area or the locations of storage tanks that will be placed within the project area), it would be very useful for the map to zoom to the project area that was entered in the previous geoshape question. That way, if a user has to draw multiple locations within a repeat, they don't have to keep relocating themselves in the map.