Survey123 Form Organization

03-24-2020 08:54 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be useful if when using Survey123 connect or the web browser that we could create folders or visible tags to better organize the surveys based on type, client, etc. Right now I have to scroll through the dozens of surveys and then have to click on some to see what they are due to the names being cut off since we might have the same survey for multiple different clients.


I'm having the same issue.  I want to keep all my old surveys that actually have records in them and store them on AOL, but I don't want to see them in connect.  The easiest thing would be that I could just create folders.  "These are AGOL only",  "These are old", etc.  I have the same issue with portal.  I can tag items and put them in a folder, but they never disappear from the main page.  If I put them in a folder, it's because I don't want to see them anymore.   


Yes, Yes, Yes! I agree with this idea completely. I hate that I am unable to see the full survey file name on the Survey123 Connect home page. I organize my surveys by having the project name first and then the actual survey name so they are together, but I cannot tell which survey is which. It would be really nice to see the full survey name or at least have the full survey name when you hover over the survey icon. And it would be great if you could organize the surveys into folders.


This has long been a problem - when there is no way to organize the surveys. Please give us the functions to save surveys in folders/subfolders.  Allowing us to view them as  LIST would also be of great help.  I don't need huge icons, admittedly small icons may be useful, but for people with dozens of surveys, it's a real headache.



100% agree. We have older surveys that we don't want to delete, but aren't actively being used. They may be used in the future, may have been used in the past and now need to be kept for historical purposes, etc. They clutter the interface, making it more confusing. Folders in Survey123 Connect would be a major improvement.

It would also be helpful for organizing surveys by project type: surveys a, b, c for foo project; surveys d, e, f for bar project.

Also, as a state agency, we have legal requirements and policies on data and work product retention, so we can't necessarily delete things no longer in active use. We can archive them, however.