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04-06-2018 06:33 AM
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Would it be possible to add a "aspect" widget, to record whether a feature is facing north/east/west/south or intermediate directions?

We are thinking of the image of a compass, and radio-buttons at each direction and intermediate direction. 

Formatting of the aspect value could then cater for displaying numeric or text values.

Our use case is in tree surveying, to record

  • whether a tree is bent/leaning in one direction,
  • and tree buttress direction (if present)

"select_one" question displaying as a compass surrounded by radio-buttons.

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Hi Hélène,

This is an interesting idea.  I'm curious, what would expect the output value to be?  A number from 0 - 360 (degrees)?  A label designated approximate direction (N, NE, NNE)?


Hi James, and thanks for your reply!

Our users are currently using textual values (N,S, E,W, NE, NW, SE, SW) - they are not geographers, and would not be able to interpret numeric values (so if the widget was developed with numeric values, we would try to fill a dependant field with textual values.)


Hi James,

Our fieldcrew is back from surveying, and asking to complete our "aspect" domain with a "everywhere/all around/in all directions"  entry. I guess in this proposed widget, it could be another radio button on the center of the north arrow? or below it, maybe.

Hoping this idea comes through...   Many thanks!!


Hi Hélène Touyéras‌ (and anyone else interested on this).  A proof of concept implementation of this is demonstrated in this video: Bearing Prototype - YouTube  I built this for fun so it could be demonstrated at the Esri Dev Summit 2018 as an example for extending Survey123 with AppStudio, but this could be a starting point for bringing the feature into the product. Is this in the ballpark of what you are looking for?


Thanks Ismael, the tool looks great in the demo!

Yes, it is what we are looking for. I would most likely create a dependant text field to give non-geographers the name of the broad bearing (N,S,E,W, N/E, S/W, etc.) in exported data, as they would not be able to interpret numeric bearings.

In any case, the feature shown in the demo looks great, and is what we need in the field app form. Being able to fill the value by typing, pointing or with the device's compass makes it even better, more flexible than what I had thought of initially. Thanks a bunch!! Looking forward to it !



We are also very interested in this new appearance for an integer question. Our customer is surveying pipelines and needs to locate the seam of the pipe joint as well as damages to it on the circumference of the pipe. This is done by virtually looking through the pipe in flow direction and marking the relevant spot with an angle between 0 and 360 degrees. So, this new widget would exactly fulfill our requirements apart from the wind direction labels (which wouldn't make any sense in our context). Maybe this helps to push the priority for the implementation a little bit.
Best regards,



Hi Jürgen,

thanks for your comment! Could you please use the voting button at the top of the page (under the title)? this is what will  raise the question's score and promote the idea's implementation up.



Thanks Ismael,

How would one start to implement this bearing prototype?  You said you used AppStudio? I am so new to AppStudio and am not sure how to implement this in Survey123.