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Survey123 Connect - Show surveys by List, Table, or Grid view

08-16-2022 08:52 AM
Status: Open
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On the homepage of Survey123 Connect (3.13.234), I need a way to list surveys by title so I can see the full name of the survey.

I currently have 3 surveys titled similarly each with a different suffix. I have to open each survey to figure out which is the correct one to be working in. 


I need an option like in Portal to view items by List, Table, or Grid:



I'd love this too. 


@DougBrowning Icons are a great idea.

I have roughly 20 Surveys with nearly identical names and need a better system to open the surveys. It is incredibly inefficient to click through 19 surveys till I find the right one. I would even be ok with the cursor hover where if I place my cursor on an icon, I get a small popup with the full name, owner, last edited, etc. 


I'm not sure what you're using for icons for each of the surveys, but have you considered a different icon for each?  I've seen it be effective for multiple users in the field.

I had the case where I had multiples of the same survey but divided into regions. So, each region was given a different, simple icon. In my case, I used numbered pool balls. It made it easier when directing users which survey to use, easier for them to remember, and easier when supporting (did you click on the 3 or 4 ball?).


Here's a sample of two for the same customer but different inspections. I use Photoshop, but you should be able to use the MS Paint program; if MS Paint works the same way as it used to - it flattens the layers as soon as you place them, so make sure the text is where you want it before you click off it.




This would be super helpful.  I have used different icons for some surveys, but it gets difficult when I have a new and improved version of the same survey, but I need to keep the 'old' survey.  

I have resorted to typing the survey name with the date or other detail in a text box in pptx, taking a screen clip of that, saving as a png/jpg, and using that as my "icon".  Tedious.  

Or you could get rid of the HUGE icon and make the file name show instead...

The ability to put surveys into some sort of folder organization would also be useful for this.


Quick update: Experience Builder Developer Edition 1.8 has the ability to list items by card or list view. This is what I'm looking for in Survey123 Connect.





Great idea. Came to suggest the same thing. Long survey titles get truncated so hard to identify the correct survey in Connect!