Speed up the Data page of S123 Site for Large Surveys

11-30-2021 08:03 AM
Status: Open
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I am working with a large survey:

  • 1400 lines
  • 61 repeats (I recently removed ~10 due to a bug)

Trying to access this survey on the S123 website is painful. The Data page, with only one response, barley functions. After the site finally does load, it takes almost a minute for a button to respond to a click...

The reason for this slowness is the website tried to load EVERY. SINGLE. REPEAT...

My automations for this survey work fine (so far), it is just accessing the website that is difficult. It would be nice to have the ability to create a “view” for the Data page of the S123 Site to only show the main record and not load/display any related tables/repeats.

Honestly, I would even use this on my small surveys. The related tables take an annoying amount of time to load even with just 1-2 repeats, and if I am accessing this site it is likely not to see what's in those tables.