Restrict address question type to a geographic area

10-11-2021 01:05 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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I love the new address type question, so much easier to use than a map question when you want to collect the point location of a respondent. Next, it would be nice to be able to either have some conditional formatting or a way to restrict the geographic area that we'll accept response from.

Example: we're running a trick or treat candy delivery program in our city, and in order to sign up you have to be a resident. So if someone from a neighboring city tries to sign up, we want the survey to tell them, based on the address they entered, that they're not eligible for the program. That way they can't go through will filling out the rest of the survey only for us to have to reach out to them to tell them thanks but you can't actually participate.

For us being able to filter using our city boundary as a geofence would be great. But alternatively, we could make it work if we could use our own geocoding service so that people can't fill out the question and submit the survey unless they can find a matching address.


I played around with some of the suggestions in this article. A custom locator is intriguing, but that's a good amount of work when the world geocoding service generally works so well. However, the problem I'm running into with trying to use the option to create a constraint/data validation rule is that the world geocoding service returns our city as Minneapolis even when the address entered is Brooklyn Park. I'm guessing others who work in suburbs near big cities have a similar problem?

Long story short, I can't use the validation option because multiple cities around Minneapolis are going to return that from the world geocoding service, so I'm kind of out of luck with using a constraint for just my city.

And, all of these suggestions still require the use of Survey123 Connect instead of the web builder.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is a fantastic idea and we often have programs that we want only city residents to sign up for.  Being able to restrict them so that the address they provide falls withing the city boundary polygon would be super helpful!


Hi there, any updates on this? We've got a public survey where people would need to look for addresses in Australia only. Obviously, because of colonial past - there's plenty of placenames that would duplicate ones in the UK. 

We can't publish our custom locators for use in survey123 set up with external-facing ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 and it seems that locator views available in AGOL haven't yet made their way to ArcGIS Portal? 

Can't use AGOL either as Esri declines to provide a guarantee data will be hosted onshore - still a big deal with govt here. so, its use is not allowed. 

Any news if status change "under consideration" has actually resulted in anything since 2020? A geographic area filter would be very handy. This surely wouldn't be a difficult thing to implement? this has been available for years in the search widget in WAB.....