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01-06-2021 06:25 AM
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With longer surveys it is really handy to break the survey up into pages in Survey123 Connect using the tab Settings>Style>pages. It appears that when I set a new page using the field-list appearance for a group, the table-list appearance for a group of similar single choice answers within that field-list group is not possible. The behavior observed is that the table-list questions simply disappear. I logged a ticket with Esri Support and they said that this is a known bug. There is a subsequent Enhancement for this request open for this bug. 

  1. Enhancement details: ENH-000126229 - The use of the table-list and field-list appearances together in the one survey form is not supported.
  2. Current status: Under Consideration

I am currently using Survey123 3.11.123 build and would like to see this resolved in a future release of Survey123 Connect . 

Another user had a similar issue that I found: Hoping there are others out there that would also benefit from this enhancement.


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Any updates on this enhancement? Still not working in 3.12.232