(Implemented) Survey123 - Image Question Disabled in Inbox

03-09-2018 12:21 PM
Status: Implemented
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I have based a survey off of an existing feature class with attachments enabled. The field technicians would like to now go out and select that existing point/survey from the inbox and add an image but the image questions to my survey are disabled. It would be great if we could enable the image question within the inbox. Thus, allowing the field worker to take pictures of the existing feature/survey.

by Anonymous User

I believe there is mention within one of the blog posting that state you can add photos within a "repeat" when using the "Inbox" functionality. I have not tried this myself, but this is on my list of things to do.

Here's a quick post on it. https://community.esri.com/thread/208301-how-to-configure-survey123-connect-to-capture-attachement-i... and it does give you the direction that you would need in order to possibly get your service up and running.


That is good for adding new photos every time, but not if we want to delete the current photo and replace it with a new one. Also doing the repeat created a related table which makes it more difficult to access the images in a pop-up on AGOL. I think editing individual image questions would be greatly appreciated.


The functionality of adding additional photos to an existing survey via the inbox is a must.  That would allow the same inspection form to be a continuation of the initial survey.  Example: I go out and survey a bad sidewalk.  I give the home owner 3 months to fix it.  I reopen the same survey with additional questions and take additional pictures to complement the first set from three months prior as evidence.

Attachments are nice because they are straight forward for my non-gis staff to understand.  Related records are not so easy. Plus, would a related record even work with the new beta functionality of report building?


this would be a great addition to Survey123, we have a lot of surveys that are started but because we can't get access to complete have to save the survey and then when we do get access we download the survey from the inbox but we can't add any photos. the repeats workaround is ok but it would be nicer to be able to add / edit from a single photo question



Esri staff:  Is there any news about this issue?  It does feel quite unreasonable to be unable to view or add new photos to an existing survey (like when opening it from the inbox).  It's so inconvenient to have to put the photos within repeats, because it makes the survey more complicated for users, the data/photos are harder to find and access in the data tables, and perhaps most importantly, the photos within repeats cannot be displayed in a convenient way in a web map or dashboard.  This seems like a serious problem and is making things really difficult for my organization.

Thanks for reading.


ESRI staff, any movement on this request?  Adding additional photos to existing feature service via Survey123 for repeated visits to the same inspection site are critical to tracking a history of changes at the site.  It would be nice to see previous images but that is less of a requirement at this time.  Adding new photos to existing surveys needs attention sooner rather than later.  The proposed work-around using the repeat function causes more confusion during the survey and at reporting time.


Esri Staff, I believe this issue has become critical for history inspection tracking, the tickets have been opened for almost two years. 

Status changed to: Implemented

Images in the inbox are now supported in version 3.13. Images will be downloaded when the form record is opened. You can also add a new image to an existing record. If you enable the multiline appearance in the image question, you will be able to add more than one photo.


More details in: https://www.esri.com/arcgis-blog/products/survey123/announcements/whats-new-in-arcgis-survey123-sept...


Thanks for the idea and patience.