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How to configure Survey123 Connect to capture Attachement in existing Feature Service

Question asked by mjbiti on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by timdine

I am having trouble figuring out how to configure the XLSX in Survey123 Connect to use my attachements.


When I created a new Survey using the Existing Feature Service, it only brought in the fields from the main Feature service.  But when I published it was from a featureclass with Attachments enabled and in the MapViewer i can add new features and attach multiple images to them. 


I think I understand the concept or Repeats, I am just not sure how to configure the columns in the Excel spreadsheet to tell it which table / field name to use to store the image.


From the Rest Endpoint, I can Query Attachements and see data

I tried putting "HoleLocations__ATTACH" in the Name field for the Repeat row and DATA as in the Name field for the image row.


Am I way off?


I am attaching 2 screen shots one of my spreadsheet, the other of the rest results in case that helps.