Geocoding over a address

09-04-2018 11:38 PM
Status: Implemented
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The spread of Survey123 could be even greater if one could integrate a geocoding over an address. Currently it is "only" possible to set the point manually in the map or to use the current position of the smartphone. Often you just want to capture the address and then geocode it. Therefore, it would be great if you had a button where you could geocode after entering the address. I've had many use cases where I would have been happy to have such a geolocation.

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Hi Fabian,

The webform included in your image does have geocoding available using the box in the top left of the map.  Geocoding support was also introduced in the field app in version 3.0.


James, the problem as I see it is that the Geopoint feature offers too many opportunities for the user mess up the position of the point captured. Untrained users are not paying close enough attention to detail to know when they have captured a valid location. The survey I am working on now will build a data set based on addresses. The most straight forward capture method would be to simply type in the address and have it geocode in the background with no map displayed to the user at all. I did a trial run of my survey to a small group using Geopoint and 35% of the records captured has incorrect location due to user error. If the Geopoint had options to 1) not show the map, and 2) not use the device location, then it would do what I need.


Hi Zach,

Thanks for the additional detail. Currently Survey123 doesn't support a calculated, hidden Geopoint question directly in the form; that being said, you could do the workflow you are describing either with geoporcessing tools after collection or at time of collection using web hooks (when a survey is submitted, send a geocoding request to your geocode and then update the feature with the returned x/y values).


Hi James, thanks for the reply and suggestions. My plan is to capture the address and then geocode later. I should probably try the web hook too though. That said, I still think there’s a case for including this functionality as options in the Geopoint. Thanks again.


Also, reverse geocoding does not capture subunits.  So if you want to capture an apartment address for example, using geopoint to capture the address will not work.  There is no way to confirm the address location within the form.


Hi Krystal,

Which geocoder are you using?  If you have a geocoder that has subunits (for example, maintained by a local government), then the geocoding results should include the subunits.


We are using the World Geocoder.  In the map it suggests and selects the address, however when using the pulldata(@geopoint,${location},reversegeocode.address.fieldname it does not return subunits.  I believe this is because reverse geocode uses the coordinates of the address and cannot pull subunits.