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Generate Feature Report directly by URL Parameters

07-17-2021 02:00 PM
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I designed two smart forms for my company and leverage the data to be in the dashboards where the end-users could generate the feature reports by configuring the popup in the webmap and adding the URL to generate feature reports.

What I did exactly was using the URL parameters of the report as below:;format:pdf;objectIds:all;mergeFiles:nextPage&extent=58.3926,23.5739,58.3966,23.5744&filter=(0.dss_gis_objectid%20is%${dss_gis_objectid})

There might be the possibility to enhance the generating report by URL and adding all the fields in the report panel as a URL parameters of the "report="

Select a template: templateItemId:XXXXXX;
Format: format:pdf;
Choose records to include: 
Output settings: 

My sugession to add:
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Hi @Hussam_AlJabri ,

Thanks for reaching to us.


I think it is a valid use case where the end-user wants to generate a report directly. I've logged an issue for this in the dev repo, if this is important to you, please also feel free to raise an enhancement via Esri Support Service to prioritize the work.


In addition, can you please share more details in your use case? For example, after generating the report on the Data page of the Survey123 website, is the end-user expected to do more work on the Data page or just grab the report file and close the page?





Hi @ZhifangWang 

Thanks for reaching my Idea.


Mainly the end-users will generate the reports only with out needing work in the data page.

Really it will be helpful for us to manage all fields in the report panel by the URL Parameters. 


Fantastic idea! Right now, we have to guide inexperienced and infrequent users through the Survey123 Data page just for generating their reports...that's be such a great addition to automate report generation in an automated way. Have my upvote!


Hi @ZhifangWang,


You said "please also feel free to raise an enhancement via Esri Support Service to prioritize the work."

from where exactly I can raise it? because I can't find any place in the Esri support to allow me raising enhancements.


@Hussam_AlJabri I think your local Esri support does the just create a ticket with them suggesting this as an enhancement request and they should handle the rest


Hi @Geoeki , brilliant! I raised it to the local Esri Support.



Hi @Hussam_AlJabri , @Geoeki 

Can I ask in your workflow "let another user generate a report automatically", which one of the following is better? 

  1. Click a link outside the Survey123 website, open the Data page and generate the report automatically, then the user leaves the page open or closes it directly
  2. Click a link outside the Survey123 website, generate the report directly and open the download dialog for the generated report in the browser, without the need to open the Data page of the Survey123 website

Hi @ZhifangWang fewer clicks is always clearly suggestion 2, if there are enough parameters available to actually define what features should go into the automatically generated report.

When following on the suggestion by Hussam, that'd be this parameter: Choose records to include: objectIds:all;

It shouldn't be just all features, but offer a choice on what features (or even layers) you'd like to include: 1.) all features on a specific feature layer, 2.) all features on the layer currently available due to filter settings, 3.) all features currently in the map view, 4.) all features from a table/map selection.


This would be useful for us also.  Our Neighborhood Enhancement team will be implementing the Special Events permitting solution and have a need to print the applications.  Rather than sending them to yet another app for one workflow, it would be handy if they could print the application details directly from the Crowdsource Manager app where they will be doing the review.


Hello @ZhifangWang

Any update about the Enhancement Number: ENH-000142314

Synopsis: Generate Feature Report directly by URL Parameters in Survey123