Forcefully limit image upload size for 100+ megapixel images

11-11-2022 12:01 PM
Status: Already Offered
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We really need a way to force a maximum image size for surveys.  We need a way to resize the images either on the device or after the photos are submitted so they are placed into the database at a workable size.  That, or disallow these images to be uploaded and provide the user with an error of some sort.


Reason for the request:  A bunch of our in-house web applications were timing out when retrieving photos from the database.  After some investigation, we found out that one of our users was taking a ton of photos with a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone at 108 megapixels per photo and submitting them to survey123 through the camera roll.  This caused many issues with out-of-memory problems on the server as well as web interfaces lagging or crashing completely when multiple photos were included with a survey.  With recent news that the next generation phones may go up to 200 megapixel, I can see this being a major problem in the future.



Yep we are concerned too since our services get too big then we can no longer download.

Check out the newish max pixels

Looks like 


I did testing and really anything over 8 MP we could not really tell the diff.

Also make sure on iPad to get the photos to most compatible in settings or you lose all the Exif.

Hope that helps



Great idea!

@DougBrowning , does the max-pixels tool work on Survey123 web/desktop launched surveys, (non-Survey123 Connect)?

Hope this one goes through, thanks!


The max-pixels parameter should do the trick.

If authoring the survey from the web designer, we added one option to limit the size of photos and files.

Both of these options should work from both the web and mobile/desktop apps. Otherwise, a software defect should be logged.



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