Fill out the same survey at two different times

04-19-2021 09:18 AM
Status: Implemented
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I think it is a good idea that survey123 will allow you to leave a survey as pending to carry out a second activity. as an example to close and open an aqueduct valve, I want in a single record to see when it was closed and then when the same valve was opened and to have a single geographical point for those two activities, I would like to see on the map the valves that are closed and pending to open, then complete the survey by opening the valve but only have a record of that


Es muy normal en cerrar y abrir válvulas que la primera actividad la realiza una persona y la segunda la siguiente que entra a trabajar
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I believe you can do some configuration in the  WepMap to show up the style of status of the records/features whether it is closed or opened.

In Survey123 there is an inbox where you can edit existing records to update the status of that valve.

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As mentioned, this can be accomplished through the use of the Inbox and filtering records based on a field value (such as if the valve is opened or closed). 


Estamos trabajando de esa manera. un inconveniente es que, la segunda actividad la realiza en ocasiones un operario distinto , y la encuesta permite modificar los datos que cargo el primer operario , no se qué tan conveniente es permitir al operario dos  modificar los datos del trabajo realizado por el primer operario




In this case you might think to try the function of having two surveys editing one existing feature layer.


Build one survey to create a feature layer with all needed fields then create the other on top the first one.