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Export to Excel Using Field Names in AGOL, Enterprise, Survey123

03-18-2019 12:05 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

When exporting to Excel (xlsx or csv) from AGOL, Enterprise or Survey123 only the field alias is exported. Can an option be given to export the field name or the field alias to the xlsx/csv file.

For example using Survey123 can produce a number of fields with the same alias, so when exporting to xlsx or csv it gets very confusing. And it is impossible to append data due to the field mapping between the Excel file and data. Using Pro or ArcMap isn't always an option as users may not be GIS proficient.

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This is crucial for those of us that want to make R code to organize or analyze our data outside of ArcOnline. Spaces and similar labels (Especially when long labels in Survey123 form are truncated) are problematic.