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Enable Custom DNS Name for

04-18-2022 10:41 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Just like the Hub sites can use a custom DNS entry to aid in branding an organization's site, my idea is to enable the same type of custom domain name (DNS) entry for an organization's Survey123 presence.  With the proliferation of surveys and, in particular, Survey123 pages being created for public consumption, it would be nice if our citizen-facing surveys could use our organization's domain name ( rather than the domain name.


@abureaux   This entry is under Ideas. @ThomasKonzel  is suggesting that we consider adding support for custom DNS like in ArcGIS Hub. Definitively a good idea! Looking forward to see if other people also would find this useful and why.

We look at Survey123 Ideas submitted to prioritize our next development items.


Opps, my bad! I must have been scrolling through with the wrong filter on.

Status changed to: Already Offered

Status changed to Already Offered

You can use a custom domain for your Survey123 web forms by installing the Survey123 website locally.  We made the website installer available for organizations working in a completely disconnected environment, but the installer can also address this request for a custom domain.