Understanding the Survey123 website installer

08-23-2020 03:09 AM
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Some organizations have a requirement to work in completely disconnected environments, where access to the internet is unreliable or not available at all. For these types of environments, Esri has released the Survey123 website installer via the My Esri site. 

The Survey123 website installer lets you host your own copy of the Survey123 website and the Survey123 REST API, which is used by Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 web application.

The Survey123 website installer is designed to be configured against your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, enabling you to work with Survey123 within the boundaries of your own network infrastructure.


You should only install the Survey123 website if you have a specific requirement to host the Survey123 website or Survey123 REST API on your own infrastructure. There is no additional benefit to using the installed Survey123 website, but there are some disadvantages and limitations. For example, the setup and maintenance overhead, and the absence of the feature report functionality. In most cases survey123.arcgis.com should be the preference.

You can expect the near full functionality of the Survey123 system, including:


  • Access to your own hosted copy of the Survey123 website, allowing you to publish new surveys using the Survey123 designer, manage surveys and access the Data and Analyze survey tabs.
  • Publish surveys from Survey123 Connect to your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.
  • Submit surveys from both the Survey123 field app and web app.


 A notable exception is the Survey123 feature report service, which cannot be installed locally.

Configuring a local copy of the Survey123 website is a process reserved for ArcGIS administrators with a good understanding of ArcGIS Enterprise and all of its components. Survey123 Connect can also be configured during this process to access survey templates and samples from ArcGIS Enterprise. For more details check out the Documentation and the following Knowledge Base articles:

Other Considerations

  • The Survey123 website can be installed alongside your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment or on a stand-alone web server. If installing on a stand-alone web server, the same Microsoft Windows operating system requirements and hardware requirements as ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 apply.
  • The Survey123 website installer will support ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 or later (versions that are in the General Availability phase of the product life cycle at the time of release). The Survey123 website installer is not linked to a specific version of ArcGIS Enterprise, so upgrades can be done independently.
  • A new version of the Survey123 website installer will be released approximately two weeks after each release of the Survey123 website, to ensure any hotfixes to the Survey123 website are included. Existing installations of the Survey123 website can be upgraded 'in place' by running the new version of the installer, which maintains all configuration settings.
  • The Survey123 website installer is only available for Windows.
  • The setup and post installation is in English only. Once installed, the website itself is available in all 38 languages that are currently supported by survey123.arcgis.com
  • The installed website contains a packaged version of the latest help documentation that can be accessed while offline, however external links used in the documentation will not work while offline. 
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New Contributor

Hi Brett,

Is there a method of accessing the survey123 REST API for the survey123.arcgis.com server?

I am looking at adding a method to publish survey forms in my application rather than using survey123 connect.

I can see a POST request to https://survey123.arcgis.com/api/xls2xform  in Fiddler but I cannot seem to access it outside of survey123 connect.