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Editing Existing existing survey data attached photo is not supported

03-08-2021 02:46 PM
Status: Implemented
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When prepare a survey for existing survey data it isn't supported to attached photos Attached photo's is only possible with collecting new surveys. In the documentation is a alinea that discribe:

"if your survey's workflow requires editing of submitted surveys, be aware that editing of attached photos is not supported"

Prepare for editing existing survey data—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation

I Hope this will be soon integrated, because this is really critical when you work with existing survey data

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Thanks @TimvanderVelden   Support for attachments in the Inbox is currently scheduled to be made available before end of 2021.


This has been implemented in Survey123 3.13

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Hi @TimvanderVelden ,

Just to check, is the need you are expressing to only add new photos when editing a record or to edit (delete/replace/alter) photos that have been taken previously?

Status changed to: Implemented

Good news, although the project is already finished. It's solved with a workaround with 2 surveys (new and existing) that are combined on a unique ID afterwards. 

If I'm correct adding photo's is possible possible with existing data and also deleting, replacing en alter existing photo's?