Editing a pre-filled out survey on mobile

02-23-2022 06:15 AM
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I recently asked this question in the forums and noticed that it may not yet be possible to do. Here is the message:

"We are looking to begin using Survey123 as a work order driver alongside Work Force. One of the things we would like to do is fill out part of the survey (Address, date issued, details) and be able to send a link out to a mobile device via Work Force to edit once the work order has been completed/progress has been made.

At the moment, I cannot find anything on this. I see that I can share a link to fill out a new survey for the field worker, but it would be good if details on the survey could be fill out beforehand by an administrator on a desktop and then sent via link to the crew."

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I am working on something similar that might be a work around for you.  I have a Survey123 form that uses a published feature service as a source for data and the database to store results of the form submittal (SQL Server backend).  The feature service is shared via AGOL.  I have enabled the Inbox in Survey123 (requires disabling the Sent box).  The field user, after starting the Survey123 field app on the tablet opens the form and clicks "Refresh" to load the Inbox.  What the user sees is a list of the inspections to be completed.  The list view shows the structure ID only for items not inspected and map view shows the location of each structure to be inspected.  After the inspection is completed,  the date is added to the list view.

Since I publish the feature service weekly, this works.  For your use this may require more frequent publishing and manipulation of the structures to be included in the list.  I am guessing that when published again during the week, the dates of inspections will be removed.  If before publishing, I remove the structures inspected, there would be no chance of inspecting the same structure twice in the same week.

I would be interested to see suggestions to improve/streamline this process.  Work Force has potential but I have not used it yet.



Hi Leonard,

I think that is a great work around for the problem that I am facing. We would like to begin a survey on the desktop version and continue/complete the survey on the mobile version of Survey123 and using a database source could be a great method for doing so.

I would definitely take a look at Work Force. From what you are describing, it seems like it could automate the majority of the process of what you're doing. You can assign specific tasks for workers and it will notify the worker in real time when you assign it to them. They will also be able to pull it up on an interactive map that you design.

There are many features of the application, this video does a better job at going through the entire process: