Configure Survey123 Install to work with ALL Users

10-17-2021 07:55 PM
Status: Open
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The silent install method works, but only for the user that actually runs it and not all users. Please provide an option for users to select "Install for all users" like pretty much every other app there is  - including other ESRI products. Perhaps set the default location to utilize Program Files instead of symbolic user link.

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Was just thinking about this today!

Even having the desktop app check for updates and auto-update would be nice...


I would personally like to understand why ESRI is installing the program (Survey123 Desktop) into a NEW FOLDER that doesn't exist with the USER>USERNAME>Applications>ArcGIS>Survey123. And not installing this into the more common area of the C:/Program Files. 

The fact you could (at one point) install Survey123 Connect w/o administrative rights go against our company policy. I had assumed the same was for the Survey123 Desktop App. 

One can only assume the location was chosen for "reasons" which I would really like to understand.

But I totally agree with the original post that more install options should be supported, especially if you want to consider the Survey123 Desktop app and "enterprise-level" deployment.


Installing Survey123 in an enterprise environment would be great so that I can create a survey project and someone can go in and make changes and re-publish.  As it stands, surveys can be completely lost on a personal machine or if a user leaves the company. 


I have found a way to change the default install location
If you are following the instructions here for the silent install

You'll see it invokes the silent-install-controller.qs file when installing
Basically, the command that gets run to install is Survey123InstallFile.exe --script silent-install-controller.qs

You can add an additional line to the  silent-install-controller.qs which will populate the install location during the installation

The extra line to add is highlighted in bold (you need the double backslashes in order to work)

Controller.prototype.TargetDirectoryPageCallback = function() {
gui.pageById(QInstaller.TargetDirectory).TargetDirectoryLineEdit.text = "C:\\Program Files\\ArcGIS\\Survey123Connect";