Close a form when a number of records arrive

08-23-2022 06:52 AM
Status: Open
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Have the ability to configure a form to close once the required number of surveys are submitted. Automate the close of the surve123 by number of records.



Thanks for raising a new idea. It matches the same request described in this post Survey123 limit number of submissions of survey.

There is already an enhancement request for this functionality logged as ENH-000150454. As of 23/08/222 this has been already been reviewed and is now in the next phase of consideration.


As a workaround, and assuming online at the time, what about using the new pulldata(@layer) to the service and get a count.  Then you could hide all the questions and show a text field that says submissions full.

Just an idea.


Good idea! 👌🏼👌🏼


Just a quick update posting the resolution from this thread

Using the new pulldata("@layer") function you can count the number of records submitted to a survey (granted that your survey layer has query capabilities enabled).   With that, you can build a constraint to prevent further submits, and show a message indicating that the survey is closed.

Check out this video on minute 22:10, as it describes how to do it. Also some additional help in this blog, and this help topic.

The above is not quite the same as 'closing the survey', but it may do it for you.